Development Turned Up To 11

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We don’t have a rigid system that projects need to fit in. We can adapt to your team structure, project management style and system architecture. Want us to work in your language? No problem. Use your PM? Sure. We’re team players, not divas.


Our flexibility means we can scale projects up or down with ease. Our devs are constantly updated on projects (even ones they’re not on) so they can get onboarded and jump in quickly, sometimes even the same day.


Our team and process are always open to you. We share prototypes and wireframes throughout the development process so our clients’ minds are at ease about how projects are going.


No two businesses are the same, their software shouldn’t be either. The systems we develop are always custom-built so you can do your best business.


We’re proud of our international company and the higher standard of living we provide our employees. With US management for a premier feel and a global army for developing power, we’re a force to be reckoned with.

All Day And All Of The Night

When you partner with us, you’re getting a global team. With US-based project management, system architecture and code review combined with the power of over 90 super-talented overseas employees. Our international reach means someone is working on your project day and night.

Friendemic Catalyst Mobile App

The new version of Catalyst Mobile was re-built from scratch on the most modern and sophisticated technology, making it much faster and as secure as always.

Dental Analytics

Using the next generation in reporting engines and state of the art designs this product gives dentists and DSOs greater insight into their practice

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